Hotel Management Information System in Maznah Guest House

Hotel Management Information System to keep track of hotel guests. Has facilities for booking, making registrations and posting of bills and entering room hotel rates. A web inter phase with access options for selected users.

Figure 1: Preparing bills and processing guest transactions

Figure 2: Booking page to check in guests

Figure 3: Guests page to enter guest’s details

Benefits for HMIS
  • Running on various budget and hotel across region.
  • FREE Integration with Hotel Door Lock System. The software already successfully  integrated with top Hotel Door Lock System in Malaysia.
  • The system also integrate with third party Restaurant Management System (F&B) or Accounting System – Quickbooks/MYOB.


Main screen showing status of the room and room numbers.
  • Staffs are able to view the room status by touch the button. Staff can also can view from the tab display.
  • Below is the room button colour based on status:-
Green – Room Available (Vacant Clean)
Red – Room Occupied (In House)
Yellow – Room Reserved (Reservation)
Blue – Room On Housekeeping (Vacant Dirty)
Blue/Yellow - Room Need to do Housekeeping and Awaiting Guest Arrival on the day (Vacant Dirty Reservation)
Orange - On the day Check Out


  • Autofill for customer had previously visited
  • Autocalculation, deposit info and discount
  • Referral selection for hotel that have tour agents.
  • Back dated check in functionality – for special cases.
  • Customer Invoice (For Company) and Receipt.
Admin and Manager can track all the activity done on the system for any audit purpose. Each and every click is captured in the system.

  • Payment Received Report, Paid Out report, Taxation (GST)

  •  Other reports including Room Sales, Customer Visit , Check In and Check Out

  • Manage your hotel inventory and manage stock accordingly. You can also view the expenses incurred for your hotel such as buying soap, towel, shampoo,etc
  •  Manage your laundry, whereby all items sent to laundry can be viewed on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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